Child support: Necessities Covered

//Child support: Necessities Covered

Child support has a misconception regarding the coverage of its necessities. People thought that child support only covers the basic necessities of the child, such as food, shelter, and clothing. But, the truth is child support covers a wide variety of necessities that includes everything from the child’s needs until the child’s wants.

Each of the states established a guideline that should be followed by the Child Support services. The mentioned guideline determines the amount of the child support required by the parent to pay.

The court assumes that the child’s parent with physical custody pays for the necessary expenses of the child. However, failure to do so can prompt the court to monitor the habits of the custodial parent when spending.

The child support is used for:

  • The basic necessities of the child. In order to live, we need food, shelter, and proper clothing. Thus, child support can be used to buy groceries, clothing, and shelter costs.
  • Medical care. This is the basic need of a child. There are states that require separated or divorced parents to acquire health insurance for the child.
  • Uninsured medical expenses. The medical expenses refer to the exceeding medical costs of the basic health care insurance plan. There are some circumstances that child support can cover special health care costs. More so, there are states that require both of the parents to divide the expenses of the medical care.
  • Educational Fee. Even though the child attends at a public school, education is not free. Child support can be used to pay school-related needs that include uniform and private tutors.
  • Child care. The expenses on childcare cover the child support, this will happen if both parents are unable to take care of their children due to work. The child care expenses include the cost of nanny, babysitters, and other childhood experiences.
  • Transportation and travel. Child support uses the car recognition, gas fees, and car registration. More so, the travel cost for a child is being supported by Child support.
  • The court orders the parents that their child deserves to experience the pleasure of basic entertainment. Thus, the child support considers the age of the child to provide the appropriate entertainment activities.
  • Extracurricular activities. The child support payment includes the extracurricular activities the child can enjoy after-school classes or non-school related activities.
  • College expenses. The child support payments can be utilized for the college expenses for their child. The marital separation or divorce of the parents should not stunt the education of the child. There are states that require the noncustodial parent to contribute after the child reached his or her majority age.

Expenses do not reduce when you care for a child. It is the obligation of the parents to provide emotional and financial support to their child. It is best to contact your family attorney to learn more about getting a child support claim to provide the appropriate support that abides the law.