Adopt a Child: Motivation and Reasons

//Adopt a Child: Motivation and Reasons

Adoptive parents have their own experience in foster parenting. While each of them has their own reason and motivation in adoption, the core of their decision is their desire to offer their family to complete an adoption.

It is the foster parents’ desire to give the child a family. The foster parents want to give the child a home and a loving environment around him, these means that the must be a very comfortable place for the child and other family members must accept and love him the same ways as they give love to their blood-related family members. It also includes giving the child involved in family gatherings, family outings or other things which can make unforgettable memories. You also have to accept the child from where he comes and respect his beliefs in life.

It is the foster parents’ desire to help the child move on in life. It is normal for the child being heartbroken after being separated from his biological parents. It may be that his parents abandoned him or his parents died or even so his parents needed to let him go because of financial issues. The foster parents must help the child heal from this experience and help him move on to the life that is waiting for him in the future. The foster parent needs to give him the support he needs both emotionally and mentally.

It is the foster parent’s ability to provide for the child unconditionally. The foster parents must be capable of giving another child with his space at home, not just physical space but space in their heart as well. The family also needs to be financially capable to support the child with his needs such as sending the child to school and feeding him three times a day or more, giving him clothes to wear in short giving him a more comfortable life.

The adoption is planned and agreed by the whole adoptive family. All family members of the soon to be foster parents of the child must happily agree to this decision in order for the child to live comfortably in his new home. Adopting a child without the whole family knowing about it is a very bad idea different family member might have different reactions to it. Some of them might happily accept the child but there is always a probability that some of your family members might not like the decision you made.

The adoptive family knows of a child that desires and needs a family. The foster parents must already know the child that they plan on adopting, it may be from a family friend, a neighbor, or it can be blood-related as well. In this case, the foster parents will not worry anymore about the child’s attitude and the family will already know the child’s desire and wants. This is also a very good way because most of your family members can accept him easily because they already know him.