A Better Understanding of Child Support

//A Better Understanding of Child Support

Follow the instructions for the Child Support Service to assist your case.

Step 1: File a child support case

Either of the parents can contact the Child Support Service office to acquire the information on how to file a case. Those who have received an aid from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program or from certain Medical benefits can acquire help from the Child Support Services without needing to file an application.

Fill out the information needed on the application form and pay the needed payment. There is an application form available online or request for an application and it will be emailed to you.

Step 2: Locate the noncustodial parent

To acquire the support order, paternity should be established or enforce a support order. The Child Support Services should know the location of the noncustodial parent, it includes the address of where the custodial parent lives and works. If the address of the noncustodial parent is not found or out of the state, it may take several months to acquire child support. However, it will be easier if you have some primary information about the noncustodial parent, such as date of birth and social security number.

Step 3: Establish paternity

Paternity should be established for the court to order medical support and child support. If the paternity has not been established or the paternity is disputed, the Child Support Services will request to conduct a paternity test. The paternity test requires to draw a blood sample or swab a saliva from the buccal area. A paternity test is done to accurately validate the paternity of the child and their parents.

Step 4: File a support order

The Child Support Service considers the income of the child’s parents and the number of their children. When the parent can acquire a health insurance for the child, the parent will be ordered by the court to obtain the insurance for the child.

Step 5: Set-up payment

When the Child Support is ordered, the amount of the child support will be deducted from the paycheck of the noncustodial parent. Each of the states will require an immediate income that withholds the child support. The noncustodial parent should keep the record of payment. When the payments of the child support are not deducted from the paycheck of the noncustodial parent, the payment should be given as directed in the court order.

Step 6: Enforce the support order

Enforcement is necessary when the noncustodial parent does not pay the full amount of the child support. When the parent does not obey on the court order, he or she can be filed in contempt of court. When the parent is found in contempt, he or she may be sentenced to jail or fined.

Step 7: Review the order

Both of the parents have the right to ask the Child Support Service if they like to review the order of the child support after it has been effective after three years.