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We are looking for new writers as we want to have a fresh voice! We believe that you are a gifted writer who can write a truly excellent article. We need your compelling and distinctive articles.  We cover a diversity of topics that are all centered on Child Support. Be aware that the website is most visited and read. Thus, please ask some queries before you begin your article.

We would like you to keep in mind the writing guidelines if you are interested in submitting your content for publication.

Although we are an informative site, we want it to be in an entertaining manner while presenting a solid and reliable information. Our average readers are adults, knowledgeable, and educated.

The content should have at least 500 words, make sure to add keywords all-throughout the content. More so, we want an original and unique content. We do not want your article posted somewhere else. It should pass through all software plagiarism. If the content is published elsewhere, the submitted post will be rejected in no doubt.

The content should be free of grammatical errors and spelling errors. The content should be written in an entertaining yet professional tone. We strive to publish the best articles. Thus, we want the articles to be fact-driven and well-researched.

We hope that you abide by the writing guidelines, and the post submission is ready to post. It is impossible for us to give out feedback on the individual articles. You might need some time to enhance the post, we understand it.

To submit an article, fill up the form provided on the page. We do not accept all submissions, but we will notify you as soon as possible if we have accepted your submission.

We are eager to receive entertaining yet informative articles from you!

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