Child Support Services Programs

/Child Support Services Programs

The Child Support Services of Nebraska is a privately operates with their belief that each child truly deserves a financial and emotional support from both of their parents. The State of Nebraska has been employed to administer the Child Support Enforcement program.

The purpose of the Child Support Services Programs is to help the families maintain and achieve a sufficient economic status through the established and enforced orders of the child and medical support.

The services of the Child Support Enforcement provide is to locate the parents; to establish the paternity; to establish and modify the child or orders of the medical support; and to enforce the child, spousal, and medical support orders.

Anyone can apply for the Child Support Services, it can be the child; the legal guardian; the custodial parent; and the non-custodial parent. The Foster Care program or the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families can provide assistance automatically. However, if you are not receiving the state or federal assistance and wants to receive the services of Child Support, it is a must to complete the application.

The parents have the right to keep their personal information confidential, and the parents expect to receive a timely and professional customer service. More so, the parents have the right to submit a written inquiry or complaint with regards to the concern of their case.

The parents are expected to comply the following responsibilities: complete the required documents, appear in court, provide the support (financial and emotional) to their child, and notify the office of the Attorney General of their contact information.

The office of the General Attorney stands as the individuals who need a child support claim, and it is with their accordance to the federal law and state to establish and enforce child support.